Photography of a friends Pregnancy

My co-worker/friend was so kind to let me take some pregnancy photos of her. She is so naturally photographic and easy to shoot(photograph..ha!) She is due in October…expecting her first baby boy…Stratton! Congratulations Emily and Derek! You’re going to be great parents!


Kentucky Lake

Well we’ve returned from the lake for the last time this year. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and couldn’t have been any better.

Here are some photos that I’ve taken of Alexis at the sandy beach(her favorite place to go at the lake) Enjoy:)

She found a feather and was drawing a heart.

Alexis Building her mini sand castle.

Hey Lexi…look at daddy!

There were other boats there that were playing some loud music and she just started dancing to it

I couldn’t resist that cute little ruffle butt..ha!

Mommy, Daddy….Look at me!

She was so intense on building her sand castle. I love this shot:)

Mommy…Mommy…Look what I found…a rock! Ha! Cute moment

This photo was just screaming for Black & White! Love those big brown eyes!

Ahhhh! Finally…a moment to myself….let’s chill….ha! (She thought mommy wasn’t looking….ha..ha…but I always have the camera ready..heehee!:)

MORE PHOTOS!!! These photo’s are from recent trips to the Lake this year and are probably my most favorite

This shot couldn’t have gotten any better!! I LOVE THIS ONE!!! I just love how I’ve captured the little droplets coming from her pale.

I love the cute little sandy butt and legs…it tells such a great story


What a great moment captured! I love the detail, composition and depth of field of this photo.

Alexis’s journey through her mothers eyes

So happy! This is my inspiration!