Flooring is going in…

Well our walls are painted now and hardwood flooring is being started. Here is a sneek peak. I have to say that the hardwood floors are more beautiful than I expected and Jason is doing a FANTASTIC job on them! Great Job sweetheart! We are almost there! How does everyone like the new wall color? Didn’t expect blue did ya? Doesn’t it just look AMAZING with the floor! As most of you know…the brick wall was the outside of the house that they decided to keep in the room when they added this room to the house. I just LOVE IT! I can’t wait for the final reveal! Stay Tuned!


October Scrapbooking Class

Hello Stampers,

I can’t believe it is almost Halloween! Boy time is going by so fast…at least here in the Trickey household. For my October Halloween Class we will be making 2 Matching 12×12 Halloween Pages. For this class we will be using Stampin Up’s! exclusive Halloween Rub-ons.


October Halloween Scrapbooking Class

When: Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where: Stampland (My House)

Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Cost: $15.00 (includes your own order of halloween rub-ons)*Please bring adhesive



Semo District Fair 2008

Well it’s that time of year again. THE FAIR! The time for changing weather. Alexis was VERY excited of course! She wanted to ride all of the rides (including the big ones) ha! Here are some pics of our time at the fair this year…

It was lightning fast! Not really….the photo just turned out that way…I thought it was cool! This was one of lexi’s favorite rides this year! We met up with Aunt Becky and they rode it together. (Silly Aunt Becky! HA!)

I just had a blast on these rides too…

My nana and I had soooo much fun on the spinning cup ride! This is one of my mommy’s favorite photos.

I also had fun riding the merry-go-round with my “uncle” lucas.

My mommy and Daddy wanted to ride some rides too…they got to ride the BIG ones! This is there favorite ride….the HangGlider!

My mommy and daddy are so silly…lol!

My mommy talked my daddy into letting me get strapped up and play on the bouncy things. I got to go up high in the sky… Thanks daddy I had so much fun!!!

After we rode all the rides….my mommy played a game and won me a scooby-doo doll…I just love it!

My nana is the BEST! She got me this really cool sword….I just loved driving my daddy crazy on the way home flashing it around in the truck….”we need light daddy”….she would tell him….ha! Here is a pic of me and nana with my cool new sword and scooby-doo doll.

Me and Aunt Becky got to ride the big dragon ride together…We had lot’s of fun!

Here are some other photos of my Aunt Becky, Nana, and daddy…..My mommy said that daddy wasn’t doing something nice in his photo so mommy had to crop it!…NO NO DADDY!

My mommy took some really great shots of the fair from the “big wheel”. Here are some of her favorites:

Well it’s really late….like around 11pm….We can’t believe we stayed out there that long….but it was fun! Alexis had a blast and that’s what it was all about…well mommy, daddy, and nana did too:) See ya at the FAIR again next year!

ATTENTION STAMPERS! You Can order online through my website!


I have some exciting news! Stampin Up! has updated our personal websites where you can shop and place your order when ever you like and it’s delivered right to your doorstep! No more hassel of trying to contact me just to order. Although I do not mind at ALL! It’s great to talk to everyone!


1.) CLICK HERE to go to my website and place your order!

2.) At the top right hand of my webpage…You will see my name and contact info. Underneath is a box labeled “SHOP NOW”…Click on it and a new browser page will pop-up and take you to my online store.

3.) You can search the store for a specific item or browse by category on the left hand side of the page.(See below)

4.) To CHECK OUT just create an account by clicking on the Customer Login button at the top right hand side of the page and fill in your information. THEN SHOP!


You only have to create an account once. Just type in your email and password to shop! HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THIS NEW FEATURE!

Have a great day everyone! and HAPPY STAMPIN!

One Week behind Schedule but still Coming Along…

We were moving right along with our room when suddenly I managed to get very sick. It all started the day after Labor Day. After a morning of feeling very tired, I finally broke down and told Jason that I just can’t move anymore so I went to go lay down to take a nap. A few hours later I woke up very hot but my insides were cold…..thinking oh great…..I’ve caught the flu! So Jason gave me some tylenol and I went back to bed….

Later that night I was so freakin hot and was running a very high fever and shaking all over the place causing me to go into a small seizure! Yep!…..So Jason rushed me to the hospital and they ran some tests and found only that I was dehydrated and had to have some fluids….then they sent us home. (Grrrrrr!) That next day it got worse! I had dihareeah, cold sweats, fatigue, major stomach pain, and loss of appetite! We said this is for the birds so my mom came over and took me to the doctor. Long story short….they ran a stool sample and called me yesterday to tell me that I have been infected with Salmonella Typhi (Food Poisoning)!!!! Holy Moly!!!!

LINE THEM UP(All my meds all lined up)!!!

They immediately started me on antibiotics and today I am just now beginning to eat a little something. Oh yeah…..and I’ve lost 5lbs in the process! What a diet plan…huh! Well today, I still have stomach pain right after I eat something and of course have to follow it with the butt pea! Sorry had to say it HA!

Well even though we’ve had a minor setback, we are getting back on schedule and are movin’ right along.

Lexi has been such a BIG helper! She wants to help daddy with everything! I just had to snap a shot of her creative drawing of a horse that she made out of the wall mud. She was soooo proud! Great job sweetheart! Mommy is proud of her little helper! I think she’s going to be a designer like her mom! Ha!